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have you thought about it this way?

December 31, 2010
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There were a few times (this year and last) that I have considered working in the…death industry?

To work in the business of the end of a person’s life. I don’t think its morbid, but you may think so.

The undertakers, casket services, cremation parlors (?). I imagine I wouldn’t have to be all fake smiley and happy all the time. Like the shop people who work in stores, encouraging you with big smiles and loud clear voices to buy, buy, buy. I wouldn’t have to be like the yoghurt girls, trying to act cutesy and friendly, “which topping?”. i would have no complaints from any of my customers, no need for any after-sales service. No follow-up action necessary. My customers wouldn’t be fussy.

Each job dead and done.

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